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When we started Domino we had a simple motto: By learners for learners. We want you to learn just like we did, and we know that life throws curveballs and that knowledge often is needed the most when we have the least to give.

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Students' Testimonials

What makes DominoChinese so special is the fact that Felix himself was a learner through the development of this course he's tried to make sure that we avoid the struggles that he went through.
Malie Brown
Both he and his Chinese friends have recorded hundreds of hours of videos by which you learn about China, its people, its culture and of course the language and I’m already fascinated at how much Chinese I can understand.
Justin LaBreche
I can now walk down the street and recognize characters I understand people chit-chatting.
Amanda Fischer
Being in China for many years it has been a challenge but with Domino Chinese I feel like I found a way to crack the code finally thank you Domino.
After just a few months with DominoChinese I can say I’m super impressed with my Chinese! That’s all thanks to DominoChinese.
Miriam S.K
I love everything about this course! After having tried to study Chinese for several years and in several different forums, nothing beats this. It's worth every second of study!
Felix and the team are great! Their videos make learning fun, which makes you keep coming back for more. This is without doubt the best Chinese course out there!’
David Morris
Excellent learning platform to really understand Chinese! The unique process that DominoChinese delivers really makes you remember new words and how they fit together. It's all very enjoyable!
Devin Perno
Domino Chinese is fantastic! Now when I here people say, "wai guo ren (外国人 - foreigner)", I can understand more of what they are saying about me. There are loads of resources: videos, a dictionary (with writing animation), word list…
Lee Saunders (大力)
DominoChinese is the future of language learning technology. It all started with a vast amount video on demand lessons with entertaining hosts, and has now become a full-fledged platform with built-in vocabulary training etc, all for a very…
Jakub Szypulka
Before DominoChinese I used to think Chinese is too difficult and I didn't bother trying. After completing the first few levels I realized the "devil" isn't all that big and scary. The Domino method made Chinese so easy to learn and memoriz…
Ran Boskis
Your in depth analysis into how to retain language skills is remarkable. Keep up your descriptions of the Hanzi so that we have a tool to remember the characters and their meaning. I like that the course is not rote learning. As a musicia…
Jay Bineau
I've been using Domino for a while now, and I really appreciate the focus on learning the characters and just picking up the pronunciation as we proceed through the course as opposed to trying to master the tonal pronunciations while just l…
John Stanko
I would highly recommend taking this course! As an engineer by trade I know the importance of understanding the fundamentals before tackling the more complex challenges. This course really gives those fundamentals and building blocks and te…
Fredrik Colldahl Schersten
The myth that Chinese is the most difficult language is ruined for me. It’s doable, and the surprising fact - I understand how it works after such short period of time. Not only ‘understand’: I can talk, write and translate things on …
Tetiana Dmytruk
For people who really want to learn Chinese and are willing to put in the of time to review, this is the course. This includes people who have started to learn in the past and let it slip. Felix’s method of focusing on the foundational as…
Keith Neruda
This course provided a solid foundation for my Chinese studies. I would definitely recommend this course to my peers because I feel like it has accelerated my Chinese learning progress through constant feedback & practice. Can’t wait to c…
Connor Cassidy
I love this course! It’s great to start with the Chinese language. Very funny and dynamic with different kind of activities. The way of how the Chinese is taught using the characters as building blocks, and also the funny videos helps a l…
Jose Lo Huang
Domino Chinese works really well as a self-study course (watching videos and reviewing with flashcards) but joining the Domino Classroom is one of the best decisions I’ve made. The teacher is able to personalise the learning and give us p…
Sebastian Czentner
I have really enjoyed this course. I was trying to learn Chinese on my own using several different apps and although I was learning characters and words I was not understanding the why and how of the language. As I started this course there…
Ryan Williams
My wife speaks Chinese with her family and we have 5 month old son whom I would like to speak Chinese at home with. I would never have expected results so fast. With Domino I am already able to understand a lot of what my wife says to her f…
Ben Fred
It's already 4 months since I began to learn with DominoChinese. I already studied on Udemy (with Felix too) and some other courses. If you are ready to put effort in studying, Domino Chinese is definitively the course to follow. You'll ma…
Streit Eric
生日快乐 Domino Chinese,你十岁。我很开心! Translation - Happy Birthday Domino Chinese, you are ten years old. I am very happy. I am happy for Domino Chinese, but I am happier for myself. Two years ago, I couldn't have written t…
Daniel Mackney
Domino Chinese lectures are very funny and especially very catchy with the examples from signtables, chinese people and sometimes very funny examples with the Chinese people on the street :D. New Quiz system which every time makes you to co…
Omer Faruk Gani